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System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Xenia is an emulator that allows you to run games on the Xbox 360 console. In the emulator you will download games using this platform.

About the Program

Right now, Xenia is an unfinished emulator. This emulator can be downloaded without any problems. There is nothing complicated in the settings of the program, because even a beginner will understand it. Running the emulator, you do not have to customize the rendering, because all the settings are already set by the developer. You only need to set the path to the game image, and correctly configure the path to the program. Then the program launches the game and will most likely show an error. Now this emulator works in a "raw" form and it often has errors due to compatibility problems with games. A list of games that can be run can be found online. Read all the options for launching the game before loading it into the emulator. Don't forget that if you see a splash screen at the beginning of the game, it is not a fact that the project will be fully launched. Most games stop working when the loading reaches the menu. Sometimes the problems start when the first level loads. Remember that running a game in this emulator, you will encounter different kinds of errors.


The creators are developing their project. In time it will be possible to play Red Dead Redemption, Halo 4, Gears of War 3 and other games. Now the emulator has built-in support for controlling using any gamepads that can be connected using the Xinput input method. No button reconfiguration is required, although that option is here. If necessary, you can use the "orthodox" keyboard for a full game. This approach is not always convenient, but it is possible. Xenia does not support mouse control. You will have to wait a bit until patches are released that will fix most of the bugs. Now the emulator is able to run a small number of interesting projects that can be classified as "launchable" games. The main advantage of the emulator - it is free distribution, as well as the lack of installation in the system. To start you need to download the archive, then do its unpacking and click on the executable file.

Key features

  • You can run proektov, which are designed for the Xbox 360 console;
  • to run a few games, because the emulator is still under development;
  • you can use controllers that work on the Xinput input method;
  • methods for graphic rendering can be selected;
  • the program does not need to be customized;
  • runs on video cards that support OpenGL 4.5;
  • you can customize the keys;
  • the software is rapidly improved and developed, expanding the list of compatibility.

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