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ASUS Smart Gesture

ASUS Smart Gesture
Category: Drivers
System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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This touchpad driver is official software from ASUS, one of the leaders in the computer technology market. With this utility you will be able to activate gesture support, as well as put protection that will prevent accidental presses. ASUS Smart Gesture is an application that will allow you to expand the usual set of options for your touchpad, on a branded laptop manufactured by Asus. In addition, the program will activate several useful features.


It is important to understand that this application is supported only on original laptops, if you install on a laptop that was produced by any other company, the application will not work correctly. The main task of the utility is to provide the desktop with the most complete set of drivers that will make your touchpad a full-fledged tool for faster and more comfortable work. The application is maximally useful for people who do not use a mouse, and also take a laptop on all sorts of trips and travels.


This set of drivers will allow you to completely eliminate the use of mouse and fully switch to gesture control. The program includes several gestures, using which you will be able to use your portable device as comfortably as possible. The basic set of functions includes the following: zooming in and out, scrolling, flipping, and scrolling down. Pressing the left and right keys, as well as many more. To use all of the above functions, you need to know the corresponding gestures, which are made with both one and several fingers. More details with the full set of gestures and commands can be found on the manufacturer's website, as well as on all sorts of forums. Secondary options. In addition to the main functions, the application can use the technology of smart mouse detection. Thanks to this, the client, will be able to automatically switch the connected mouse and touchpad. Namely, when the mouse is connected, the touchpad stops working, when the mouse is disconnected - it starts functioning again. The program also prevents random, chaotic clicks that can be made with the palm of your hand when typing. In general, it is recommended to install this driver package for all owners of Asus devices.

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