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Category: Automation
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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AutoHotkey is a program designed to execute various scripts on a Windows computer or laptop. It is distributed free of charge and can be used to reassign keys.


This application will definitely come in handy for those who use hotkeys when working on a computer. With AutoHotkey, the user can set any combination to perform all sorts of actions related to the system. This list can include working with applications, opening and closing them, copying, deleting and much more. The application is especially often used by players of SAPM (San Andreas Multiplayer). AutoHotkey features include the fact that the program not only allows you to set combinations for keys, but also to create your own variants and change the combinations that were set by Windows developers. In addition, the application allows you to perform various combinations not only with the mouse and keyboard, but also with a game controller. Macros can be created using the macro recorder or set manually. Later any of the scripts is saved as an EXE-file and can be used on any computer or laptop, even where the program is not installed.


The interface of the program can hardly be called simple. In addition, a negative factor is the lack of Russian language, which significantly delays the process of mastering AutoHotkey. Therefore, the application is more suitable for experienced PC users who use hotkeys and have a good command of English. But for less experienced users, it is better to choose a simpler software with Russian language.

Main features

  • AutoHotkey is a program designed to set combinations for hotkeys;
  • Helps to optimize various actions on a computer or laptop;
  • Keyboard, mouse and gamepad can be used as hotkeys;
  • Allows you to create your own variations of combinations;
  • Created scripts can be used on other PCs as well;
  • Helps gamers in passing games;
  • No Russian language;
  • Macros are created both manually and using special tools;
  • The interface is quite complex, so beginners will need time to master the application;
  • Distributed on a free basis.
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