TXD Workshop

TXD Workshop
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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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This software was created to allow users to work with textures as well as models that are present in the legendary GTA game series. In general, the utility will be useful for anyone who creates any mods for the multi-user mode of Grand Theft Auto San-Andreas. TXD WorkShop is a unique tool, it will allow you to make your own modifications that have a format described in the name of the software. This format have all the textures in the series of games about car thieves. Thus you get the opportunity to change the appearance of characters, weapons, cars, buildings and even the sky. Use the program will be able to even not the most advanced user, as it has a pleasant and simple interface. A useful bonus can be considered a full-fledged Russian localization, which was not made by professionals, but there were no gross errors.

What is it for?

Often this tool is used by people who create various modifications for games of the series. The most popular are the third part, as well as San Andreas Vice City. But still most often it is used when creating mods for the legendary multiplayer version of GTA SAMP. Such a modification has long gained great popularity and it began to be considered a separate game. In SAMP there is a large number of different themed servers, as well as a constant stable online. To create your own, unique modification with interesting skins, as well as the game world, you need to use third-party textures. To integrate them into the game, was made this program.


The program can both import and export files from the game. You have the opportunity to completely change them, or choose your own, which are significantly different. A small difficulty in using it will be that all textures are packed in special containers. Previously, to unpack them you had to use a third-party software solution, but now IMG Converter is built into TXD WorkShop. Now you just need to select the path to the desired texture and the program will do everything for you.


The graphical shell is quite simple, but at the same time very convenient, as everything is in logical places. The whole interface is divided into 3 panels, each of which has its own purpose. For example, the first panel stores the container structure, the third panel stores the texture itself.
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