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D ViewCam

D ViewCam
Category: Webcams
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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D-ViewCam is a program designed to create a video surveillance system. It supports working with D-Link cameras. The application is capable of displaying video from all cameras simultaneously.

How it works

First, you need to buy several D-Link cameras and place them in the right places. If you own your own store, it will help to secure your goods and save your nerves! And to be able to watch the broadcast from all cameras at the same time, you will definitely need D-ViewCam. The program will group all broadcasts and display them on one screen, as well as help in setting up such equipment. Download and install the application, and you will be able to solve many problems.


The program is capable of displaying video from eight cameras simultaneously in real time. In addition, you can not only watch the broadcast, but also record what is happening. The user can customize and select the available modes of operation of the application. The most common option is considered a round-the-clock broadcast. But you need to take into account that this will require a lot of free space to save video files. In addition, you can set the mode to record at certain hours or record the broadcast when the camera captures movements. D-ViewCam allows you to record videos in common formats, such as ASF or ANI, so these files can be sent to other people without changing the current format. In addition to the main task, the application is able to notify the user about various emergency situations, for example, when detecting smoke, open doors, pressing the panic button and others. The user can receive an email or the notification will be received from the program itself.

Main features

  • D-ViewCam is an application that allows you to broadcast recording from D-Link cameras;
  • Saves recordings in known AVI and ASF formats;
  • Ability to set recording at certain hours or when motion is detected;
  • Notifies the user of emergency situations;
  • Can simultaneously broadcast images from up to eight cameras;
  • The program is distributed free of charge;
  • Supports work on a computer or laptop with Windows OS of various versions;
  • The program has a simple and convenient interface, fully in Russian.

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