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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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If in the process of work at your portable computer you have found a file of unknown format and can't open it, most likely you have a resource file in front of you. In order to open it you will need a special editor program. Restorator performs such tasks without any problems. The program allows you to view and edit resource files of various formats. The application is compatible with Windows operating systems.

Purpose and capabilities

Resource files that accompany the software are additional electronic documents that have a different format. Such files can include pictures, images, audio, icons and others. Elements can have the following format: exe, css, ocx, php, res, dcr and so on. Restorator allows you to edit and view such files. The program makes it possible to prescribe new values to an electronic document or localize it into another language. Also, resources can be extracted, their complete replacement can be performed or limited to making certain corrections within the file.


A program of this purpose has an interface characteristic of such software. It is concise and minimalistic. No distracting elements and beautiful design. Simplicity is the main difference of the interface. The upper working panel has the main control buttons. At the bottom there are additional nameless icons. The working window of the program is divided vertically into two areas. On the left is the "Resource Tree", where the directory of folders and files is displayed. And on the right is the main area, where such sections as "Resource Explorer" and "File Manager" are active.


Restorator installs without problems on all versions of Windows. However, the software has no official support from the Windows 7 version. Nevertheless, owners claim that the program works properly. Also, the application has not received updates for over a decade.Therefore, support is not available on all versions released later than Windows 7.


  • Ability to open and edit resource files of various formats;
  • The program supports commands entered through the command line interface;
  • Localization of electronic documents into another language;
  • Compatibility with all versions of Windows operating systems;
  • Trial version of the product. The term of free use of the program - 30 days;
  • User-friendly and externally pleasant interface;
  • Russian localization of the software.

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