Category: Launchers and utilities
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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DxWnd is a simple application that allows you to run retro games on newer versions of the Windows operating system. You remember about old games and want to play them, but they have not been updated for a long time, so they are not able to work on the new OS. Install on your computer or laptop old versions of the operating system is definitely not reasonable. But installing the DxWnd program is a great solution to solve the problem!

How it works

This simple utility allows you to run old games on Windows 7, 8 and 10. Except that the developers do not provide a detailed list of supported games, so the user will have to independently check them for compatibility. To launch a game file in EXE format through the program, just drag its icon of the DxWnd utility, having previously highlighted it with the mouse.


This simple utility does a great job at its main task, allowing users to enjoy retro games on their new computers, and also offers to take advantage of some additional features. After launching the game, you can choose the frame rate, resolution and some other things. All this will be displayed in a separate window of the presented program. DxWnd is also endowed with one more important feature. The application allows you to create a windowed game mode, for those that are available only in full screen mode and vice versa. In addition, this feature can be used not only for games, but also for modern applications. At the same time, the user has the ability to adjust the color mode, open multiple windows simultaneously, switch the game and standard cursor and bind the game to a single core.

Main features

  • DxWnd is a simple application that allows you to run old games on modern Windows operating systems;
  • It has additional settings;
  • Supports Windows 7, 8, 10;
  • Allows you to make full screen mode from windowed mode and vice versa;
  • No list of supported games;
  • Possibilities to set FPS parameters;
  • Simple and clear interface, which will be able to understand even a beginner;
  • Fully in Russian;
  • Allows you to edit colors;
  • The program is able to work in portable mode ;
  • The program is distributed free of charge.
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