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System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Atom, or formerly known as Atomicity, is a well-known text editor. The program is compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems. The software also supports most plug-ins. The program shell is characterized by a thoughtful and competent development, and the application itself has a number of useful functions. An independent computer program with open source code is in free and open access.

Working principle and capabilities of the product

Atom is designed for editing codes and texts. It is most often used for editing text. Atom perfectly copes with all programming languages. Among them are such high-level and popular ones as C/C++, C#, CSS, CoffeeScript, Git, HTML, jаvascript, Mustache, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, and so on. The program can use snippets and performs automatic replacement or completion of specified values. At runtime, the text editor can highlight the syntax of programmed languages, as well as cascading styles and markup. One of the advantages of Atom is its compatibility with many plugins. It also supports all text encodings and text formats. If the provided functions are not enough, you can resort to third-party and supported plugins. They will allow you to expand the capabilities of the software, and their installation is done with the help of a file manager.


The program is designed in a stylish and simple interface in black. The predominance of black color in the graphical shell is explained by less eye fatigue when working with such an interface. Nevertheless, for those who will not like the "night mode", there is an opportunity to change the design theme to a lighter one.


The only disadvantage of the program is the lack of a Russian interface. This circumstance may discourage novice programmers, since working in Atom requires a high level of English. Therefore, if you do not know English well enough, it is better to look for another option with Russian localization.


  • Supports most programming languages;
  • Works with files of all encodings and text formats;
  • User-friendly interface in dark colors and the ability to change the theme design;
  • Support for various plug-ins that extend the standard functionality of the application;
  • No Russian localization.
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