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EViews is a specialized software for complex econometric procedures. The program is actively used in the field of econometrics and performs various analytical functions. Precise mathematical calculations, data processing and analysis - all this and much more is the basis of the application. The software has a highly specialized application and is intended for financiers and entrepreneurs.

General characteristics

EViews professionally performs tasks of an econometric nature. For this purpose, the user can select and use a special set of tools in the software package.


The EViews software package has a large functionality and includes various tools that can perform the following operations:
  • market forecasting;
  • search for patterns and data dependencies during analysis;
  • regression and macroeconomic analyses;
  • graphical modeling;
  • compilation of visual and illustrative models for various informative blocks;
  • identification of structural shifts;
  • identification of errors and problems.
The tools are effective and practical in financial and scientific fields. The program works well with data of all types. The package includes a number of econometric methods (TSLS, ARCH, Censored, Count, and so on) and models (GRM, Tobit, VECM, Logit, and others).


EViews is usually used by experienced entrepreneurs and professionals. But since the program has an uncomplicated interface, anyone can understand its structure. Both novice entrepreneurs and senior students of finance can start working in the application. The graphical shell is more responsive for a number of functions and differs favorably among its analogues. In such a program will be convenient to master and it is well suited for educational purposes. Also the program is actively used in the scientific sphere


In addition to a large number of useful tools, the EViews package includes ready-made tests for different purposes. In addition, the developers have added several experimental options to the program.


  • A large number of various tools for econometric analyses;
  • The package includes a number of econometric methods and models;
  • User-friendly and understandable interface;
  • Use of the program for financial, scientific and educational purposes;
  • Additional features;
  • Availability of paid and free versions;
  • Different editions of the application for specific purposes.

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