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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Victoria is a downloadable and free software for performing hard disk diagnostics. The program is quite an old product and competently declared its reliability and performance. The toolkit of the application includes various performance and diagnostic tests that check the performance of the same drives. Quick installation and a simple interface, will help you independently conduct a comprehensive check of your portable computer's hard drives.

General characteristics

The program is oriented to work with models of various classes and provides full diagnostics of drives from different manufacturers. The software allows you to find and eliminate errors in the operation of the hard disk. Victoria supports such common formats as CD, DVD, HDD, FDD, USB and others. The software can also collect technical information of the selected drive.

Standard functionality

With the help of Victoria tools, various options are available to users. First, it analyzes and provides detailed data about a particular disk. This is followed by a test of its performance. After receiving technical information, you can choose the most suitable one from dozens of testing parameters. The program in the course of the test will find errors and problems in the operation of the hard drive. In addition to the main tasks of analysis, Victoria can create disk images, allows you to control its volume, format the drive and adjust its noise level. You can also restrict access to the disk and set a personal password for it.

Additional functionality

The program complex integrates its own file manager. Victoria can work with drives via ports. Diagnostics can be performed in standalone mode, so the user can safely minimize the test window and do other things while the background is analyzing. The program interface is simple and easy to learn. The menu contains the main sections and tools, as well as a reference guide for work.


  • Diagnostics and full check of hard disks;
  • Identification and treatment of problems in the operation of the hard disk drive;
  • Various test algorithms are used;
  • Supports major drive formats and models;
  • Disk Formatting;
  • Support for all current versions of the Windows operating system;
  • Open and free access to the software.
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