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LINE Camera

LINE Camera
Category: Photograph
System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 1 969


LINE Camera is an application for coloring photos. This editor has a new generation interface and allows you to create collages. The user takes a photo on his smartphone and processes it using LINE Camera. In the app, you can share the processed pictures on Instagram and other social networks. Make your content more interesting. Add some creativity to your photo report with the LINE Camera mobile app on Android.


LINE Camera includes several hundred filters. They apply effects to a finished photo or to pictures you have just created with your smartphone camera. By adding effects, you can emphasize unusual moments to your pictures. After processing, there is a "mystery" or "cheerfulness" in these photos. After processing, all pictures can be made with a frame. The user can group his own collage. LINE Camera is equipped with a catalog with many templates. By applying a template, it is possible to add about 5-6 photos and center the most important ones. Using special tools, the user cuts out individual "pieces" from the photo. After that, it is possible to use them as stickers. If necessary, a set of stickers from the camera's LINE library can be added. The large set of stickers is divided using categories. The search is very convenient and systematized. The LINE Camera editor contains tools that enhance portrait photography. The user "filters", corrects the "eyes" and improves the skin, and applies text captions to the photo.


The interface of the application is not difficult to understand. All buttons are created in the format of icons. Each icon contains an inscription with an explanation. By pointing at the icon, the user determines its purpose. The creators of the editor have included the most popular languages. LINE Camera editor is available in English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian and other languages.

Key features

  • Proprietary database of relocatable and scalable stickers;
  • Multilingual interface support with clear icons;
  • Create collages from photos using ready-made settings and templates;
  • Built-in filter library with tools for photo processing;
  • Ability to upload pictures from the gallery and through the camera;
  • Publish photos through the "share" function;
  • The application works on an older version of Android;
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