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AMD Catalyst Control Center

AMD Catalyst Control Center
Category: Customization
System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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AMD Catalyst Control Center is a software suite for AMD graphics cards, consisting of a set of drivers and auxiliary utilities for overclocking graphics cards. This program replaced the control center " AMD Vision". These components are almost identical. The new driver version is missing several features compared to the old one. The new set of programs and drivers provides control over AMD video gas pedals. Customize the display resolution and change the power consumption mode of the device. After installing drivers for AMD video card, you will be able to fully control the device.


Using this program, you control the graphics settings in games and applications with 3D graphics. Switch between power consumption plans using the sliders for each section. Change color configuration, turn object anti-aliasing on and off. Take advantage of interlacing settings, proprietary frame stabilization technology, and more. Catalyst has a 3D application setting that allows you to choose your own configuration for each application or game. For modern games, AMD Catalyst offers additional graphics settings that are not changed in the game menu. Use the slider to adjust the "global" rendering settings. In these parameters, set "performance", "quality" or balanced mode - optimal graphics and system performance. Similar settings are present in the competitor - the company that produces "green graphics cards".

additional tools

Switch between multiple graphics cards through this program and adjust "dynamic lighting". New graphics gas pedals have settings that affect ambient light and vertical frame synchronization and other technologies. The "Catalyst" graphics shell is designed to be simple and easy to use. Functions are divided into separate menus and tabs. The program is distributed in Russian.

Key features

  • full control and management of the graphics gas pedal (video card) and the monitor screen;
  • hardware acceleration settings and low-power mode;
  • creation and customization of "custom" configurations for 3D games;
  • legal program for AMD video cards tuning;
  • user-friendly graphical interface and clear menus.
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