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Category: Media handling
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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SDFormatter is a utility that formats SD cards. The program works on various operating systems and is distributed for free. SDFormatter does not need to be installed like a regular program. Run the program and quickly delete all data from the SD-card. The program has a simple and clear interface. Use the utility in different modes, and will format the device.


The program works in portable mode. Run it and format the SD card. SDFormatter solves problems with unreadable or unwritable information. If normal formatting does not restore the SD card, then use this utility. The program helps to clear the drive of unnecessary and unreadable data when standard Windows OS tools fail.


SDFormatter can repair SD, SDHC, SDXC and microSD cards. These types of drives are used in all mobile devices. Formatting is performed in automatic mode. The program supports Russian interface. Russian localization is created by another developer. The utility works in three cleaning modes. The memory card returns to work and fully functions. In the first formatting mode, all information is deleted very quickly. The second one is created for full formatting of the drive, cleaning its surface. In the third one, a deep cleaning is performed and a new "binary code" is saved. Select the connected SD-card and set the cleaning methods. Then click on the "Format" button. The recovery process is not long. After the performed "treatment", the SD-card will work, but do not expect a hundred percent result, because some flash cards can not be restored even by formatting.

Key features

  • Compatible with almost all memory card formats;
  • fixes problems when files are not readable or writable;
  • formatting of data that are not formatted in Windows OS tools;
  • the program does not support non-standard flash cards;
  • several options for cleaning SD-card;
  • simple and clear shell with clear menus;
  • launch and work on all versions of Windows OS;
  • the utility is distributed with Russian and English localization of files - the Russian version does not need to be installed on the computer;
  • the program is available free of charge and does not require keys.
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