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Category: File managers
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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FileViewPro is a program for viewing various file formats on your Windows OS computer. This file "viewer" allows you to open music, video and image file formats. The program does not take up much space on your hard disk and does not require special installations for full operation. FileViewPro facilitates file viewing and replaces several graphic, video and text editors that open files of the corresponding formats.


Information is created in different formats - text, video and picture. Each file format or playback needs a different program. You can install a whole package of programs and open data with a separate editor or player. FileViewPro is a universal editor and "viewer" of various file formats.


FileViewPro is equipped with many features and tools. The program opens a document or file of almost any format. FileViewPro accepts Microsoft office document files, PDF and other documents. View images of different formats and photos from professional cameras - RAW). "Viewer" plays music files and videos with rare extensions. This "player" pulls information from archives, and packs it. FileViewPro is a program with an advanced interface. Work with several objects at the same time: look at pictures, listen to music or watch a video clip. The program is designed simply and conveniently. Open documents and files through FileViewPro explorer. Drag and drop an object into the working window by left-clicking on the file. FileViewPro reads a large number of unknown files and documents. Log in to the official website of the program's developer and check out the full list of formats this program opens.

Key features

  • View music files, videos, text documents of various formats, pictures;
  • the program extracts archives and packs (data) into archives;
  • FileViewPro replaces many programs for viewing files of different formats;
  • view movies and video clips from optical disks;
  • opens files of rare formats with unknown extensions;
  • work with several documents simultaneously on different tabs;
  • simple and clear program shell with Russian localization.

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