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Category: Emulators
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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iPadian is a program that allows you to "emulate" iOS and work in this shell. In essence, it is an artificial "emulator" for working in the iOS operating system. You work in your own operating system, but under the shell of the "apple" system. iPadian allows you to work in this environment, but is not designed to run iOS-applications. The program is equipped with a working calculator and a stopwatch. You will see common applications written in Flash programming language. These apps open in any browser, just like games in the AppStore app store. The mystery is the fact that the creators "simulated" the presence of this store with digital information in their program. Many users cannot understand the purpose of creating iPadian. The developers of the app said that iPadian is suitable for those who have never worked with a mobile device from Apple and want to understand how to handle iOS. The creators of iPadian expect to benefit from the use of this operating system, so iPadian helps to find a buyer of "apple" products and make a similar choice for each customer. The developers created this application with great effort. This "simulator" is reminiscent of the original system from Aplle. iPadian supports Safari browser and access to YouTube video hosting. Open this app and check out the features for yourself. iPadian is available for free download and use. During the creation and development of the app, there was a paid subscription that provided access to

Key features

  • A "simulator" of iOS GUI behavior;
  • a suite of applications in the Flash programming language that work in almost the same way as the original shell;
  • application launches and functions in full screen mode;
  • an integrated WebKit browser and access to YouTube video service;
  • a settings section where you can change the wallpaper on the desktop;
  • a modified App Store where you can download games and applications.

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