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System: Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
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Bloody is a special driver (program) that provides full control over the functions and features of this series of gaming mice. This driver is suitable for avid gamers who have a peripheral device made by A4Tech. The official Bloody tool and driver suite is equipped with many features for gaming mice of this firm. The program provides fine-tuning of the manipulator parameters and additional options for creating macros. Bloody supports gadgets of practical all series of manipulators. The drivers are suitable for work on old and new versions of Windows. If you have OS Vista or a more modern Microsoft OS installed on your computer, this program will install and work without problems.

Program features

You switch modes in the operation of the mouse. The four modes are called "Core" and each mode is responsible for a specific function. By switching "cores", you change the mouse sensitivity, acceleration, key layout, and other peripheral parameters. Switching cores replaces the settings profiles. Each profile is designed for a specific genre of game. The first core is used for Action games. The second one provides the device operation in network shooters. The main function of "Core 2" - the mode releases a line of several bullets with a single click. Profile with the second core is suitable for suppressing the enemy, but not for skills of precise aiming. If you are a fan of headshots - choose the third core, which provides accurate shooting. "Core 3" improves stance by reducing sensitivity and, forcing the player to move the mouse more. The fourth mode is designed for MMORPG enthusiasts with the ability to "assign" certain player skills to keystrokes. A functional feature of Bloody is its work with macros. Using macros, automate repetitive tasks without using "clickers" and third-party utilities. By the way, the use of "tweakers" and "clickers" threatens the player with exclusion from the game, especially in multiplayer games. Working in a ready-made profile of settings "Bloody" allows you to choose them manually. Each parameter in the program works as a separate section. The interface of Bloody is created unusually. The design of the program shell is created in a gamer style.

Key features

  • mouse customization settings;
  • four built-in profiles with ready-made settings that work for specific game genres;
  • use of macros to maximize performance;
  • compatibility with Bloody gaming mice;
  • gamer-inspired GUI.
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