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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
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Scratch is a free program that teaches your child the basics of programming. The interface of the software is created in an interesting and exciting shell. The child learns programming languages in a playful way. Scratch shows the basic concept of programming languages and basic commands.


The program is created to prepare children who have not yet gone to school. Use this software for teenagers who want to learn the basics of programming. Scratch allows adults to write programs and learn. Download this platform and learn the basics of program engines if you are a beginner. For professional programmers, this software is not suitable.

Functionality and interface

Scratch creates games and objects with animation and "assigns" them to execute certain commands. All functions work by commands that are specified by the user. Using special scripts, you create your own project with most of the tools. Use command templates and create new objects. Using different tools, you create programs of different complexity. All actions are displayed in the program shell, making it easy for children to understand the information. Despite the fact that Scratch is suitable for preschool children and does not have advanced tools, even beginner programmers use it. Learn the basics in the field of programming in a simple and easy to understand shell. The working window has three blocks that make it easy to learn and execute commands. The first block has ten tabs. Click on them and specify project parameters - motion position, appearance and sound. Take advantage of the tabs and expose controls and operators for variables. The second shows the script that the user creates. The third window shows the output with visual effects. Place the finished work on the network or create an archived copy on your computer. The Russian interface makes it easy to understand the information and provides quick learning for children.

Key features

  • taking a course for children who are learning the basics of a programming language;
  • working with your own blocks and creating integrated components;
  • easy interface with simple commands for children;
  • practical arrangement of information blocks and quick switching between software sections;
  • scripts for creating games or animations;
  • placement of works on the network;
  • the program is distributed free of charge, supports Russian interface of commands and menus.
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