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Rockstar Games Social Club

Rockstar Games Social Club
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System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Rockstar Games Social Club is a personal multiplayer social platform client. Rockstar Games has created a multipurpose platform for video games. This program resembles a social network for gamers. It is suitable for gamers who buy computer games from the American company. Launching a game on this "platform", create and use a team to play in the multiplayer mode of GTA and other games of the publisher.

Personal profile

To create a profile and get all the features of the program you need to register. Fill out all the data in this closed "club" from Rockstar Games and use the platform for games. After registration, fill out your account and log in to the pages of other community members. Upload personal photos, game videos, look for friends by interests and enter them in the "Friends" section. The service allows you to keep detailed game statistics. View data and track user interests. Get acquainted with other people's awards and records in games. See the statistics of users who participated in contests and the prizes they won.

Multiplayer mode

The main task of Rockstar Games Social Club is the convenient organization of gameplay in multiplayer mode. Gamers play in network modes and create cooperative matches by logging into this platform. A leader is chosen for each team. The "ringleader" has access to admin rights, and the ability to manage the list of participants. "Admin" removes weak players who are no match for the strong team and adds new participants. All teams compete in multiplayer matches. Win gifts for the whole team. In the platform, you can view detailed statistics and sort the data for all players who are added as friends.

Key features

  • viewing statistics for the game profile for each individual player;
  • sending photos and videos to social newsfeeds;
  • a feature to add friends to a "friends only" list;
  • a simple and practical system for creating a team game profile;
  • playing "GTA 5" in multiplayer or cooperative mode;
  • playing with users who are not registered in the system but want to fight with an opponent;
  • interesting prizes and gifts for team players;
  • easy group management and other customization options;
  • the platform allows some games to run in standard mode.

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