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VTFEdit is a software that allows you to modify textures of games developed on the basis of the Source game engine. The program works with VTF and TGA graphic file formats. The application is used for writing authoring mods and various amateur expansions.

General description of the product

This type of editor is designed for Counter-Strike series games. It modifies textures and some individual graphical elements. Players quite often use VTFEdit to introduce author's modifications into gameplay. KC fans create their own mods and bring a little variety to the standard gameplay. Also, in theory, the application can be used to edit other Vavle games that are based on the same engine and support similar graphics files.


The software works with the following file formats: VTF, TGA and WAD. The program can edit, import and export them. The editor touches many elements of the game's graphical environment and allows you to change the appearance of characters, their weapons and so on. Even the main menu of the game can be edited. The software is also capable of changing the background of the main screen. You can put any image instead of it. In theory, VTFEdit can be used on other games from the company-developer "Vavle". The main condition is that the common game engine is Source. And also similar formats of graphic files in the library. Examples of possible games for modification: Team Fortress 2 and Portal.

Additional features

The program complex includes a convenient file manager, which can be used to import and export files. You can apply various filters to the added textures. The software includes a built-in converter for graphic files.


The application has a clear graphical design, where the main program window is divided into a toolbar and a section for previewing added changes. The application interface has not been fully translated into Russian. There are also no amateur translators. Therefore, if you do not know English at the proper level, there will be certain difficulties in using the editor.


  • Editing textures and various graphical elements of the game environment;
  • Work with the series of KS games and possible support for other games on the Source engine;
  • Intuitive and accessible application interface;
  • The program does not have a full translation into Russian.

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