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Car Scanner

Car Scanner
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.3
Program Status: Free
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Car Scanner is a software scanner designed for car diagnostic work. The program is based on the operation of the second generation OBD adapter. The application supports a certain list of car models. The software is compatible only with new versions of the Android operating system.

General product description

Car Scanner application is a convenient and comfortable alternative to trips to service centers. The owner of the software can independently carry out diagnostics of his vehicle and not resort to the help of specialists. Using the program does not require specialized education and in-depth knowledge of the car device. In addition, it is the most economical and less expensive option for checking the car.


The software scanner has a large number of functions and inspection tools. The program identifies car faults and helps to prevent their recurrence. Car Scanner provides accurate data from car sensors, information from which is hidden by default by the manufacturer. The application reads errors and resets them, and then gives a detailed description of each detected error. The software has a rich built-in database of information. With its help, the utility displays technical data from the sensors on the dashboard of the car. The user can familiarize himself with fuel consumption statistics and track the current state of control units in detail. It is also possible to conduct tests of exhaust, acceleration and other indicators in real time. The information that the car owner receives can be changed by the type of display. The customization offers three types of information: text, graphic and arrow pointers.

Technical requirements

The program works on the basis of a second-generation OBD adapter and requires this model. The device must be purchased together with adapters through which the connection will be made (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection type).


  • Profitable software solution for checking the car;
  • Self-diagnosis of your vehicle using your smartphone;
  • Economical alternative to service centers;
  • Requires a specific adapter and wired headset for connection;
  • Support for certain car models;
  • In-app purchases and advertising are available;
  • Compatible only with current versions of the Andoroid operating system.
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