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Oscar Editor X7

Oscar Editor X7
Category: Customization
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Oscar Editor X7 is a program that changes the use of the keys of the A4Tech X7 mouse. Use the scripts in this program and expose the keys of the A4Tech peripheral. Oscar Editor X7 works on the X7 line of gaming mice. Gamers use mice of this series very often. High power efficiency, low price and high quality. After buying this mouse, the player works on a peripheral device with a quality laser. High DPI resolution, excellent build quality and proprietary software - all this provides full customization of the manipulator.

Interesting features

There are several features for players in this software. Oscar Editor X7 assigns the mouse buttons. Customize the main and side keys. "Invert" the wheel or rearrange the left and right "click". Rearrange left and right "click" is suitable for left-handed users. In the settings of the utility you can save ready-made configs for games. Comfortable work with the system, as well as work in office programs. You can switch configs in the profile using the vertical selector. The program has settings for mouse performance, its resolution "DPI", acceleration and cursor position on the screen. The program disables cursor "shake" for the mouse if it is positioned over the mat or crosses the table covering. This function is suitable for fans of shooting games.


Full customization of controls is not the most important aspect of Oscar Editor. The program works with macros. Most mice from A4Tech support script customization. Using macros (automatic commands), do all the tasks and work with OSWindows. In this program you can use macros to control "mob farming" in MMORPG games. Choose macros and customize quick switching of hero's abilities by setting the order. Ready-made "scripts" can be found on thematic forums. You will not have to write them manually. Study the help about scripts and settings in English.

Key features

  • simple and clear shell created in the corporate style;
  • Russian interface for customizing mouse keys;
  • ready-made templates for creating and running scripts;
  • technology that removes cursor "shaking" when the mouse "hangs" over the surface;
  • quick transition in profile settings and macro creation;
  • downloading and installing drivers from the official website.
  • customizing the order for executing commands and various actions of the game character.

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