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Wondershare Video Editor

Wondershare Video Editor
Category: Editors
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Wondershare Video Editor is a classic video editor equipped with a standard package of tools. The application has a clear and simple interface. The program is suitable for users who are new to video editing. The video editor is a multitasking solution and works with videos of any format. With the help of this utility to make a competent video from a simple clip will not be difficult.

Product features

The application works with videos of different formats and processes them without any problems. This is the main task of most editors of this kind. But the difference between Wondershare Video Editor and this very majority is its ability to create videos. Creation means both simple gluing of frames, photo or video fragments, and recording video material from scratch via a connected webcam. You can load already prepared and recorded material into the editor's base. Then start processing it directly in the program. Various tools are available to the user for this purpose. He can cut out unnecessary and superfluous fragments, apply visual filters to the video, empty titles, write text and use other effects during editing. When creating a new material in the database find ready-made cuts and fragments of video, and then work with them. They can also be photos or images of supported formats. Photos and images can be unfolded or rotated. The time of the broadcast on the screen is variable. With the help of a library of smooth transitions, it is possible to make slicing disparate photos or videos into a single whole. In the background, the user can superimpose a certain musical accompaniment. The choice of a song is available from the database. To work with text, the editor contains different sets of text fonts. This will allow you to make a congratulatory inscription or design a video in a unique way. Writing style, text format, color and size of characters are adjustable and changeable.


  • Editing video footage in a variety of ways;
  • Creating videos from scratch with special tools;
  • Recording from a webcam or a connected professional camera;
  • Rich library of filters, fonts, smooth transitions, effects and other video editing elements;
  • Built-in converter for conversion to other formats;
  • Ability to export the resulting video to social services;
  • Availability of a third-party russifier;
  • Simple and clear interface of the application.
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