Category: Devices with other operating systems
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 12 360


UpgradeDownload is a specialized software that reflashes portable devices using Spreadtrum processors. The program has a user-friendly interface.

General description

A unique solution for owners of Spreadtrum processors. UpgradeDownload is an official development of a large Chinese company Spreadtrum Communications, Inc. The firm is focused on production in the budget and ultra-budget price segment. This group includes devices of brands Explay, Fly, Texet, Ritmix and others. Portable devices are not characterized by high technical indicators and fast performance.


The key profile of UpgradeDownload is the flashing of Spreadtrum chips. This is a universal Flash-flashing tool that will allow you to install both official and unofficial software. Resort to installing the latter we would not advise. Supports in the work of ROM form PAC

Firmware manual

It will not be difficult to understand the operation of the software. The graphical shell of the application is designed at a simple and understandable level. At the beginning of work it is necessary to connect the device with a USB cable to a portable computer. The only condition at this stage is to use only a USB headset as a connection. The program does not support any other methods. If the PC has the appropriate drivers, the system will recognize the device. New versions of Windows operating systems (7 and above) can automatically install the missing driver package. On older versions, you will have to independently search for and install the right version of "firewalls" for the system, so that it can recognize and interact with the device. Once the device has been identified, you need to turn off the smartphone, remove the battery and SIM card. After that, you can turn on the firmware program. UpgradeDownload will require you to specify the location of the firmware. Specify the path to the PAC file. The program will start downloading and the process of reflashing the processor will begin. It is necessary to wait until the indicator is completely filled. As soon as the status is "Finished", disconnect the device. Everything is ready.


  • Flashing of portable devices based on Spreadtrum processor;
  • Supports both official and unofficial software in operation;
  • Simple and easy to understand interface;
  • Connection is made exclusively with a USB cable.
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