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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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SKSE is a tool (utility) that extends scripts for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game client. This program is used to create mods. Using this utility, you will create your own mod with unlimited possibilities.


SKSE is an extension of the game and allows you to work with special features. The name of the utility is formed from S kyrim Script Extender. Add new scripts and configurations to the application in the libraries of the game client. By adding unusual parameters and libraries, "extending them" you can achieve game optimization. The tool launches the game and allows you to play in full even on weak computers. Gamers who don't have the ability to play on powerful hardware will be able to run the game and make changes to it without powerful hardware. "Tool" fixes a number of bugs. The creators did not fix the latest bugs and wrote this review with a patch ( This application removes problems with textures that "fail" during the game. And also the utility removes many errors in dialogs and problems with the operation of the inventory.

Running modifications

The main SKSE is installed to work with some mods. To "Skyrim" made a lot of modifications of different types and scale. Create unique mods and add new features to the ready-made characters of the game. If necessary, you can make your own config and insert scripts to expand functionality. The usual set of scripts, which is present in the game, does not provide full functionality of gameplay. Use the Skyrim Script Extender and contribute new configs and parameters. In addition to the client for the game, SKSE adds several innovations to the standard toolkit from the creator - Creation Kit. Use these tools and add unusual features to your game by specifying scripts that automate many processes. The application can be downloaded for free, but some "builds" are incompatible with the distribution build. Before downloading data, pay attention to this feature. Do not forget that the SE version works with a separate version of SKSE.

Key features

  • configuring and updating configs with errors;
  • the application does not work on all versions of the Skyrim client;
  • adding configs to Creation Kit;
  • hacking tool needs to be installed to run modifications;
  • "hacker" works on a free license and does not require activation.

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