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Pokerstars is an application for people who are passionate about poker. It can be played from a mobile device or tablet on Android OS. For computers there is desktop version of the application which is similar in functions and features. Let's take a look at the mobile version of Pokerstars, which has additional features and functions.


The mobile version of the Pokerstars app provides access to the game from the comfort of your own home. By turning on your computer or laptop, you can get into the game by installing the desktop version of Pokerstars. Download this client and play poker on your Android mobile device. Play 24 hours a day and do your favorite thing anywhere.


After registration, the player needs to go through authorization. Beginners get 30 dollars to their account as a bonus to the main account. This money you spend on training, so that you do not invest money and do not "burn out" at the beginning of the game. Then you spend real money. In the list of Pokerstars games there are free gambling and paid solutions. The free mode is suitable for a beginner and inexperienced user. In the application you start cash game, Sit and Go, Spin and Go tournaments. Create a "game" in the form of a tournament and play in several tables at the same time. Choose from a list of poker modes and start playing instantly. The ready-made Pokerstars template includes Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Low, Stud, Razz and other variants of this game. You don't need to wait in line to start a game - just specify your favorite game type (location, players, table) and start playing. In Pokerstars you create a game on different tables, so the user will be able to choose "the right table from several options. In case of problems, you contact the technical support of the application. Use the integrated feedback form and write a message.

Key features

  • Add bonus money to an additional account immediately after registration;
  • the application supports the most popular types of poker;
  • selecting the game mode: real money and "for fun";
  • creating a game mode with several game tables;
  • participate in tournaments and game planning;
  • play poker all day long, anytime, anywhere;
  • contact form and quick access to the support service;
  • primitive and practical application shell;
  • the application runs on the Android OS of the last generation.
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