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Battery EEPROM Works

Battery EEPROM Works
Category: Other (System)
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Battery EEPROM Works is a highly specialized program which, in fact, has only one main function - to get your battery back in service. The latter tend to deteriorate during use, so they become weaker and give out less power every day. A number of factors affect the discharge rate: the brightness of the screen, the number of running programs, and the intensity of work. People make a lot of mistakes by not keeping track of the number of open applications, as well as setting the brightness to maximum, after which the battery simply fails after a few months. The percentage of users who have a battery that works normally for more than a year is quite small, and with a dead battery, it is almost impossible to use portable technology, as you will constantly need a power source. To return the technique to "combat readiness" simply replace the battery. To do this, you will also need to change some parameters of the controller chips. Previously, only professionals took on such work, but now you have the opportunity to replace everything yourself, just using Battery EEPROM Works. It has a large number of users, as well as high marks on forums, because it has a pleasant interface, as well as the most useful tools for working with the battery. So that you do not have problems, it is desirable to have a basic knowledge from electrical engineering and electromechanics. When creating this software, the company developers have removed all unnecessary things

Key Features

  • You will be able to bring the battery back to life by changing the parameters of its controller;
  • You won't have to pay money for going to an expert service center;
  • Correctly works with all popular controllers, you can familiarize yourself with the full list on the manufacturer's website.
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