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VIA HD Audio Deck

VIA HD Audio Deck
Category: Drivers
System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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VIA HD Audio Deck is an official driver that controls audio output on computers with a motherboard with a built-in VIA sound chip. The program provides fine-tuning of parameters for output and input audio. The sound driver is installed with the computer utilities. The program is distributed for free and does not require registration. In the interface of the utility, you can expose the configuration for devices that record and play back sound. In the driver settings there is a section for configuring "sound" ports. The graphical shell and tabs of the utility are not difficult to understand. Even a beginner can understand the options.

Installation and features

The program is installed from the default sound drivers. In the menu of the installation disk with drivers there is a selection of necessary components and sound utilities. After installing the sound drivers, restart Windows OS to activate the drivers. The shell and tabs of the utility do not contain unnecessary settings. The program's main window has a multifunctional menu. You go to the options and set the volume "levers", adjust the equalizer and speaker settings. If necessary, you can specify surround sound and see technical data about the sound card. There's a setting in the sidebar that controls the analog audio output. If needed, you power off the driver for the selected ports and turn off the devices connected to them. The ports icon is displayed in a convenient "place" and corresponds to the location on your computer's motherboard. Additional options include a choice of front and rear panel to enable audio.

Additional tools

The utility's additional tools are a mixer with stereo tuning and an "amplifier" that boosts the microphone's dB. In sound drivers, you adjust settings in the main window and through the context menu icons in the system tray on the taskbar.

Key features

  • Configuring and controlling sound drivers on motherboards with built-in VIA sound card;
  • support for balance control and stereo mixer;
  • activation and deactivation of analog audio outputs;
  • quick configuration of audio amplification for devices that play and record audio;
  • installation in a driver package from the creator of VIA;
  • sound driver works on OS Windows 7 and higher.

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