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ScanMaster ELM

ScanMaster ELM
Category: Other (System)
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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ScanMaster ELM is a program that scans "electronics" and performs diagnostics of internal components of the car. The program uses ELM327 module and reads information through special functions.


The program scans cars of different brands with different interfaces. Most of the new generation cars are equipped with modern port access. Once connected to the car, start diagnostics. Wait a little and get detailed information about the configuration of the machine. In the utility you view lambda zones, average fuel consumption, drives working mechanisms and more. ScanMaster ELM displays technical data of the gearbox, engine, fuel supply system and third-party elements of the machine. The program displays information in the form of graphs and shows information on selected parameters. For example, the graph of engine speed increase when the pressure in the ramp is increased. The program troubleshoots when the problem indicator "Check Engine" pops up a warning. The utility "resets" the data on the meters and shows the instrument panel. This "tool" is most often used in auto repair shops. Good mechanics and motorists work in ScanMaster ELM at home, using a physical ELM327 module.


All data displayed in the program window are divided into categories and lists. In the ScanMaster ELM window there is a section that displays a detailed list and description with error codes. The tab shows the active change of information in the scan mode. All indicators are displayed in different statuses. The utility displays minimum, indicators and ratio in average and maximum values. The official version of the utility does not support the Russian shell. If necessary, download the Russifier and install it. Then move the files with Russification to the ScanMaster ELM folder and paste them with "replace".

Key features

  • maintenance with cars of different brands that work through On-board Diagnostics (OBD) port;
  • full statistics of information about the "stuffing" of the car;
  • construction of graphs that display data indicators and their correlation;
  • full real-time test of the car's spare parts;
  • finding codes with DTC errors and their decoding;
  • support of Russian localization and simple interface of the utility.
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