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System: Android 3.0
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CVTz50 will help you to recognize and reset some errors issued by the car system with the help of a special adapter. Also, the motorist will be able to make the necessary adjustments by himself. CVTz50 is a mobile application that can be used to check your car. You know that your car needs diagnostics, but you do not have the opportunity to perform it in the service center? No problem! With the help of special applications and programs, you can do all the necessary manipulations yourself. In addition, you will even have the opportunity to eliminate some errors of the system. It is possible to use CVTz50 on the following cars:
  1. Nissan Murano Z50;
  2. Nissan Murano Z51;
  3. Nissan Teana;
  4. Nissan Juke;
  5. Nissan X-Trail;
  6. Mitsubishi Lancer;
  7. Mitsubishi Outlander;
  8. Renault Koleos.
Despite the rather large variety of cars, the application "prefers" to work with Nissan brand cars.

CVTz50 application functions

  1. Tracking the temperature of various systems, checking the pressure and diagnosing minor errors;
  2. The motorist can reset all the errors that are issued;
  3. Ability to reset some meters to zero;
  4. Injector engine idling control;
  5. Reading of internal combustion engine errors;
  6. Possibility to change the ignition advance angle;
  7. Ability to reset internal combustion engine errors.
As you can see from the list, the functionality of the application is quite diverse. The system will show you all the problems that you can fix on your own, without involving specialists.

Features of CVTz50

CVTz50 is not a free application, because this kind of programs are professional scanners - similar ones are used in car services and diagnostic centers. That is why the demo version is available for free download. With its help you will be able to check whether the application is suitable for your car. In addition, for normal work with CVTz50, you will need to have an operating system on your smartphone not lower than Android 4.2, ELM327 car adapter that supports communication via Wi-Fi or bluetooth.


In summary, the following facts can be emphasized:
  1. The application works well, showing all the faults and errors of the car. Also, ELM327 has its own statistics on errors and their resets;
  2. Works well with Nissan cars, and not only;
  3. Works and transmits information through a common adapter "ELM327";
  4. Works with Android.
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