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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
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AdvOr (Advanced Onion Router, AOR) is a special program running on Windows-based computer devices, the main function of which is to provide anonymity on the network by hiding the user's real IP address. In addition, AdvOr switches running processes and programs into proxy mode with the computer network and allows you to take control over the management of anonymous information exchange in the network (so-called "onion routing").


The main purpose of the program is that it forcibly starts processes based on the use of Onion routing technologies. Thus, if we draw an analogy with the similar program Tor, AOR allows you to ensure anonymity of the network client not only while working in the browser, but also while using other applications.

Functional characteristics

The AdvOr program allows its user to mask their IP address by using proxy servers. That is, this extension is particularly relevant in cases where a person is concerned that the data he or she transmits over the Internet may be tracked. Tracking of data is done mainly by internet service providers and other services, which is done to customize the content of pop-up advertisements in the user. However, the actions performed while using the Internet network may be accessible to hackers, scammers and other ill-wishers, and to avoid this, the AdvOr program provides all the conditions. An experienced computer user may have a question: why give preference to a separate third-party AdvOr program, when nowadays separate browsers with VPN already built into them have been developed? The answer is, oddly enough, quite obvious. Such browsers lack the most important feature of AOR, namely, they do not hide the user's IP address and display its real value. AdvOr, on the other hand, provides absolute anonymity. Having installed this program, the client can choose the proxy server he needs for connection from the available list. After a short program transformation, the user will be exposed to the entire set of information on the Internet, even that which was previously inaccessible. The list of servers is always quite large, so if the first connection fails, you can choose another one from the list. Attention: the interface built into the program does not allow you to select a language other than

Important features of AdvOr

  1. The program developers periodically add new proxy servers;
  2. Users who speak only Russian need to install the Russifier;
  3. Thanks to the program, security is guaranteed when using the Internet;
  4. It is easy enough to switch between different servers;
  5. There are no geographical restrictions when working in the Internet browser and other programs.

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