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System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Litnet - this software is a large database of modern books. With its help everyone can read their favorite modern literature from unknown authors wherever they are.

The functionality of the application

If you are a fan of literature or just like to read books this utility will be indispensable for you. These utilities have a version that is realized in the form of a website. With the help of the application you can publish works that have not yet been given in print. In general, the software solution is oriented for those people who like to create their own books. All books are divided into genre sections, between which you can conveniently switch using the application. In addition, the utility will be useful for all those who like to write fanfics and other stories. It is worth noting that some users post their books while still in the process of writing, that is, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the book that is not yet complete. But it is worth noting a small disadvantage, the application has a system of paid subscriptions, so not all books can be read for free.

Negative qualities

You can use the online version of the online library without registration. But in the mobile version you will have to register or use one of the social networks for authorization. For someone it may not be a big disadvantage, but still it is worth remembering. It is worth noting that for authorization you can use such social networks as VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter and Odnoklassniki.

Key features

  • In the electronic base of this library there are works of only modern authors;
  • All items are divided into 15 large categories;
  • Many authors put restrictions on their works, so they can only be read by owners of paid subscriptions;
  • The application has a special Reader with the help of which you will be able to read these or those works. It is important to know that this reader is very flexible settings and you can customize it for yourself;
  • The utility supports working with all modern versions of the Android operating system, namely Android 4.0 and later. In today's realities, everyone has devices with at least Android 6.0, so - this is a very big plus;
  • You can add certain works, genres to your favorites list to have quick access to them.
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