Access 2010

Access 2010
Category: Office Packages
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Microsoft Access 2010 is a program that is part of Microsoft's Office utilities. This program provides database creation and is a component of the Microsoft Office product. Access has the necessary tools for working with data. This software is equipped with a simple shell with a clear interface even for the average user.


Access 2010 provides data storage and access to information. All data is linked using databases and queries between them. You create multi-level databases and create subsections for each document. This program is suitable for keeping records and entering information (product data, books, and other data).


Access 2010 is a tool that works with next-generation databases. The program has tools that create large databases quickly and without problems. You will enter data into a database even if you are new to this. By creating databases, you collect the data and documents you need in one place. In the finished database, you have access to all the parameters. Access 2010 has user-friendly menus and many features that manage data in advanced mode. The program provides manual data entry and also supports integration of information and copying it from different sources. You transfer information from Excel and Outlook, which are part of the office programs. You transfer data from SQL server. By creating a database in Access 2010, you save data and provide reliable protection for documents. If necessary, you can easily view the data that is stored in the finished database. Using sorting, filters, and created queries, you access the underlying data. Access 2010 shows data and converts it from text form to information that is displayed in a schematic perception. In this program, you compose your own input forms and create macros.

System Requirements

The program works on a computer with 250 MB of RAM and 2 GB or more of storage. Access 2010 is installed on the new generation OS Windows operating system.

Key features

  • Creating and managing information in multi-level databases;
  • transfer information from third-party programs office suite;
  • quick access to specific data through filters and queries;
  • working in the database through ready-made macros;
  • integrated set of templates, which simplifies the creation of an object in the database;
  • conversion of data from their standard display into schemes;
  • the program works on old versions of Windows OS;
  • the program does not need a powerful computer to run.

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