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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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ICCup is a launcher program (service launcher) that launches the game and mods to Dota for Warcraft III. ICCup was the main platform for gamers until Dota 2 for Steam came out. ICCup is distributed for free with official support. You can play multiplayer games in it in network mode. The client interface has features that find enemies for network battles. The Launcher is equipped with chat and many features for social communities. This site has a system for implementing a rating system. Play in the "tournament" mode with prize coins.

Modern version

This launcher is not very popular now, because only old games are played in this service, using the network mode. ICCup is a simple launcher for playing projects of the old generation. Install the program, select the path with the location of the game client. Use the large blue button, which is located at the bottom of the screen. The first version of the client is equipped with maps for virtual communication. Now there are tables with a full list of leaderboards and a forum for communication.

Launcher functionality

This program acts as a "network distributor", which provides the game with other players in network mode. Launcher is similar to Hamachi and is designed to support local networking. ICCup is equipped with protection against cheaters, runs games with OpenGL mode support and scales the picture for 16 by 9 monitors. In the main window of the program you specify the keys for "spells". In Warcraft III/Dota you configure sound and visual notifications, as well as select the command and nickname color. Choose a game mod and run the game with bots using ICCup. In this launcher you do not need to register and create an account. Install the program and play your favorite games.

Key features

  • Network mode for old generation games and other online projects;
  • a large number of additional maps that can be selected;
  • the launcher has a system for finding "cheaters";
  • sound and graphic effects is customized with a selection of notifications in the client;
  • game on widescreen monitors with zoom function;
  • enable the game with a single key by specifying the path to the launcher;
  • the program does not require registration and works without authorization;
  • buttons for "spells" and inventory settings can be specified in the main program window.
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