Tele2 TV

Tele2 TV
Category: TV and Radio
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Tele2 TV is an application for mobile devices that provides viewing of domestically produced TV channels and Western services. The client has a huge library with movies and series from the Amediateka service. The application works for Tele2 subscribers and provides viewing of TV channels, movies and series. Tele2 TV is created in a simple shell with clear functions.

It is important to note

The application is distributed free of charge. Download additional features and buy a subscription if you want to use the hidden features of the application and watch all channels without restrictions. Tele2 TV works only for subscribers of the Tele2 operator. If you are connected to the services of a third-party operator, you do not need to install this client. In this case, payment for the services is charged from the regular account of your mobile number. Using the standard tariff of the operator, you will pay much more.


The creators of the application have limited the use of the trial period to 3 days. After that, you buy a subscription or delete the application if you do not like the services of this operator. Having activated the subscription, you "give" 7 rubles every day. This amount is deducted from your account regardless of the traffic used - whether you watched the whole day or five minutes. The Tele2 TV application has a list of channels with convenient switching. You can read descriptions of the channels and the next day's program. The application has a TV guide and a convenient menu for viewing the necessary descriptions. If necessary, you select the desired channel and watch it by selecting the playback quality. Stores with mobile apps claim that no traffic is consumed when watching TV channels. Some users have had traffic "consumed" after several hours of watching TV channels while using a smartphone. All the traffic that is given for a whole month burns up in one day - many users claim.

Key features

  • the application works on the trial version, and then you will have to buy a license;
  • you watch channels for free for only 3 days;
  • in free mode you will not watch any channel;
  • a fixed amount of money is deducted from your account regardless of the time you watch channels.
  • if you are a subscriber of a third-party operator - you do not have access to Tele2 TV;
  • the application has a library with a large number of TV series and movies that work under a standard license.
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