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Wappalyzer is essentially an extension to get a quick reference about web technologies, as well as platforms, systems that are used in the architecture of a website. It is characterized by the extreme simplicity of its use. You just need to go to the page of interest in the desired browser and click on the extension icon. A window will pop up with all the data the user needs. The most accurate and very complete analysis within just a few seconds, and all this without slowing down the speed of page loading. The user who uses the Wappalyzer extension will get all the information on CMS, programming languages and frameworks, as well as fonts that were used to create the resource where he is. Also, it will show what analytics systems are installed there. The new versions have added the ability to determine the providers of advertising messages and the types of servers used by the site. A big plus is the presence of built-in help in the program. If the user comes across a technology that is unfamiliar to him, it is enough to click on its name and the application will provide help on it. The only disadvantage is that it is in English, although the application is partially russified. Between the versions for the two types of browsers there are no differences that would affect the work of the application. However, for the Chrome version, updates come more often. Also, both versions collect anonymous reports. These reports collect information about which technologies are most often used on sites that have been updated with anonymous reports.

Key Features

  • Versions for two browsers;
  • Instant collection of all relevant data;
  • Does not affect page loading speed;
  • Detects all web-page parameters;
  • Has its own database of web-technologies;
  • Completely free application;
  • Anonymously collects statistics on web - resources.

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