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Dark Light Client

Dark Light Client
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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Dark Light Client is a program for "cheating" in the game "Minecraft", which is created by the programmer "Neron". Using this program, you get a lot of additional features on the game server. Dark Light Client accelerates research and resource extraction. The program has a simple interface with a convenient shell, necessary functions and hacking tools. This program is equipped with a large number of "cheater" functions for the game Minecraft. It works on popular servers and support new versions for the game client. Using this program, be careful, because "game hacking" and other procedures with resource tweaking will lead to account locking. Do not run cheats on the official Minecraft server.


The Dark Light Client program expands the amount of inventory. You can set the transparency of walls, activate "beacons" that show useful resources. Through the program you can disable the automatic recovery of the hero after death and use the multi-level radar on the screen. Dark Light Client automates the fishing process, sets markers for ore, turns off slowdown. Using the "cheater", change the position of the "free camera", as well as remove damage when falling. Through this "cheat" you attack melee enemies and use targeting in automatic mode. Apply "maximum hits", hit through the wall and use the OptiFine mods. Some abilities (in version 1.8) work in experimental mode. Not all servers work correctly, or not at all.

Requirements and installation

Full-fledged Dark Light Client and hacking the game is provided after installing " Minecraft Forge ". The program is available for download as a .jar file. All additional maps work only after installing the Java library. Having installed the appropriate program and Java libraries, copy the information from the finished archive to the path: C:/Users/ Your Windows account /AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/mods.

Key Features

  • new features help to fight with opponents and extract resources more efficiently;
  • the program has support for OptiFine mods;
  • cheats work after installing "Minecraft Forge" and Java libraries;
  • the program is distributed completely free of charge;
  • some features do not work, especially on official servers.
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