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MyTest is a set of programs that provides creation and preparation of tests for schoolchildren. Create tests for study circles and check knowledge through compiled tables with ready results. MyTest allows you to test the knowledge of students and analyze the obtained information. This set of programs is used in educational institutions. Teachers of computer science use this "software tool" in modern secondary schools. The program is created in a universal shell and tests knowledge in different subjects. Even an inexperienced user can understand the functions and interface. All functions, menus and sections of the program are made in a practical design and without complicated functions.


The MyTest program has three components. In TestEditor you create tests. Using its shell, you select a project name and add questions to its structure. During the test creation process, use multiple-choice questions. This feature is useful when you want to make an assignment with one or more correct answers. In the program, you create tasks where the student must mark the correspondence between items, indicate the correct location, or write the answer in alphabetic or numeric form. In MyTest, you add multiple choice wording, introductions, and explanations to a question. After creating a test, you save it in MTF format. The finished tests are opened through a second component, TestStudent. It is not suitable for teacher and students. This module is designed to take the test and also record the results. This data is transferred to the third component - TestServer. It compiles statistics of all students who passed the tests. The module shows comparative statistics, which is to be printed out. All data are displayed in a regular document that can be printed on any printer.

Interesting features

The main functions of the program are: fine-tuning of the grading system, detailed compilation of tests and selection of difficulty for individual tasks.

Key features

  • Prepare and administer tests using different categories of knowledge and subjects;
  • practical editor for flexible management of assessment parameters;
  • simple interface and user-friendly shell with Russian language;
  • offline or online testing;
  • this MyTest build is distributed free of charge and is suitable for non-commercial use.

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