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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
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The program x360ce, which is also known as Xbox 360 Controller Emulator, is sure to appeal to those who have gamepads that work with the DirectInput method. This application can be installed on a PC with a Windows operating system, but it must be no younger than Windows XP. It often turns out in practice that modern toys, regardless of their legality (ie, bought with a license or hacked by hackers) do not want to work correctly with most of the controllers. The problem is also that it does not matter who is their manufacturer - a well-known company or a Chinese developer. However, almost any games that are on the market today work very well with the controller Xbox One or Xbox 360. Therefore, the player is certainly not satisfied with this situation, he is trying to find a solution to the problem in the global network, and there he is offered to use the application x360ce. As you have already guessed, the main function of this program is to emulate any gamepad under the Xbox 360 Controller. The utility does not take up a lot of space on the disk and has a wide range of settings, but at the same time for each game they need to be set separately, depending on the requirements of the games. For this purpose, it will be necessary to create a file that will contain the configuration of the buttons required to be able to interact with them. This will allow the user to fully enjoy their favorite game. At first, the customization is slow, but this is only a matter of practice and habit. All that is required

Main features

  • Full emulation of all the functions of a real gamepad from Xbox One and Xbox 360;
  • support for a variety of games;
  • up to four controllers can be connected at once;
  • easy storage of settings for all games, each game is assigned a separate configuration file;
  • wide configuration options, so you can customize your controller for games with different genre themes.

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