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Category: Interface
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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SysMetrix is an application that is required so that the user can always know about the state of his own computer. The program will show all important indicators that affect the operation of the device. It is needed for both PCs and laptops.


When the user installs the program, a special widget appears on the desktop. It shows the date and time in the form of a round clock. It also contains a lot of other important information. First of all, the user can find out how loaded his computer is. It is very important to monitor the vital signs of the device. You will be able to see the load of RAM, processor, video card and other components. Make sure that they are not loaded to the maximum. If they are, your computer can fail very quickly. But this is not all of the program's functions. It can do several other things. First of all, you can use it to look at information about the system. For example, SysMetrix can show you the current IP address of your computer. The application can also check the Recycle Bin, specify the number of files in it, and delete them. In addition, this application can simplify the work with mail, player and other programs. After all, you can access them directly from a special widget.


It is worth noting that this program provides access to several types of design. If you need to change the visual design of the widget you are installing, you can choose one of its display templates. Choose the one you need and simply install it on your desktop. In addition, this program provides an opportunity to independently change the widget, add and remove various elements from it. All the details can be removed, added, change transparency, size, font and more. You can launch this application from the tray. But if you want it to work all the time, it is worth installing the automatic start function of the program. Then it will be turned on independently, after starting the computer.

Key features

  • Displays a variety of parameters of internal details and system status;
  • Creates a widget on the desktop. It displays all important information;
  • The interface can be changed at will;
  • The application can be controlled using the context menu;
  • There is an autorun function;
  • You can change the appearance template of the widget;
  • Works on modern versions of windows.
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