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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
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Complex systems are invented with the help of the original software - Agduino. It is designed to interact with the output board produced under the same name and has 2 components: a development environment (with a primitive code editor, compiler, firmware download module) and a board (compatible with USB cable). The simple interface of Agduino is equipped with the buttons "File", "Edit", "Sketch", "Service", "Help" on the upper panel. Under them there are function keys with clear even for a novice user "talking" icons.

Algorithm of application

Start using this software in a standard way:
  • Users download publicly available and reliable free software in Russian. (There are no difficulties with its download and further use);
  • necessarily purchase a special board, to which in the process of use are connected lights, motors, sensors, speakers and other technical details. It is important to realize that the board begins to function only in tandem with the previously installed program. Without buying the board, it is pointless to install software - only time will be wasted;
  • the role of the controller is to create a unique program in C++ programming language that controls the "constructor" created from lamps and sensors.

Individual features

  • The main purpose of the controller software is to create robotic devices and their further complete control;
  • The software and the robots invented on its basis are easy to maintain even for novice programmers;
  • the software can be easily connected to the software of a personal device without conflicting compatibility of programs (such as Pur Data, Macromedia Flash, Super Collider);
  • software installed on a computer requires the purchase of additional equipment - a board and a USB cable;
  • when writing programs it requires from a person knowledge of C++ programming language, as firmware creation is performed exclusively on "plus" signs;
  • easily interacts with some programs installed on the PC, including support for all currently known versions of Windows;
  • Arduino's arsenal includes a compiler, tools for testing, detecting and correcting errors and inaccuracies in the software, and a practical, concise graphical shell.
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