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EPSON Easy Photo Print

EPSON Easy Photo Print
Category: Print
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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EPSON has created a new print manager with great conveniences. Now it is supplemented with new functions, an example is the ability to select placement on the sheet, the ability to change color shade settings, create a certain order of documents. Epson Easy Photo Print is a new generation of programs for different jobs related to printers.


This program will come in handy a lot for owners of printers from ESPON. Perhaps you are a fan of deep editing of your images before putting them on the Internet or printing them, then you should use the help of programs (eg, PixBuilder Studio ). The program has minimal editor functionality. This is not surprising, as the program is designed for full-fledged image printing functionality.

Program functionality

The functionality of the program will not cause any difficulties, everything is done step by step to simplify tasks. In addition, there is an opportunity to set your parameters before printing the photo. If you do not set your parameters, then the photo will be printed according to factory standards. In the language layout of the program there is Russian, so there will be no problems with learning. First of all, you need to decide on the image. Followed by the action of selecting a certain printer. It should still be selected, even if only one device was connected to the computer. At the end we choose the type, format of this paper, frames, if they are needed. After all the actions related to visual effects, we move on to the next functions. Among these functions, there is the possibility to change the tones and hue, as well as the effect related to red eyes. User options also include the ability to customize the enlargement or reduction of photos, and the ability to choose the layout for the print itself. The latter feature, also includes the ability to create your own template. At first, it seems hard to understand the program, but this is not the case at all.

Key features

  • The ability to output an image for printing images or photos;
  • Great support for printers from EPSON manufacturers;
  • A basic toolkit is available;
  • Great choice for creating templates or using ready-made ones;
  • Very simple interface with Russian language support;
  • The program is compatible with all versions of Windows.
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