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OBD Auto Doctor

OBD Auto Doctor
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
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OBD Autodoctor is a utility that detects breakdowns on cars. You do not need to visit a service center using the program. OBD Autodoctor performs car diagnostics using OBD-II and ELM 327 adapters.

General Information

The program "reads" the parameters and performs a check. In the utility you can save the settings of ECU in the car with support for the most popular standards - OBD II. OBD Autodoctor reads PID in cars with multiple ECUs. After the test you will see the state of the ECU and save all data in one file. The utility works if you have an ELM327 or other OBD-II adapter that is Bluetooth compatible. Running the program without wireless technology support, you work in GPS mode. This mode displays speed and altitude. In the "Bluetooth" mode, new features and additional capabilities of the utility are opened. The on-board computer displays the status of the check in real time, as well as additional errors and malfunctions of the car. Autodoctor establishes communication with the on-board computer of the car. The utility performs diagnostics in detailed mode, determining the state of the vehicle at the moment. After the test, you will see detailed statistics of spare parts and their condition. Carrying out regular checks and diagnostics, you will do without visits to the car service and will know all the data about broken components of the car.

Instructions for use

Connecting to the vehicle's ECU does not take much time. Connect the appropriate adapter, and then go to the Bluetooth environment and connect to the utility. Make the connection (pairing) of the devices by specifying a secret code. These codes are usually simple and confirmed like 0000 or 1234. Connect in the utility to both devices, expose the COM port and specify the number of that port.

Key features

  • diagnostics and quick display of various errors;
  • output of body numbers - VIN;
  • checking parameters and diagnostic information in real time;
  • communication with ECU of any car that supports OBD-II standard;
  • integrated accounting in the form of a list that displays service marks and refuelings;
  • the program works on old versions of OS Android;
  • the utility has a lightweight design with a minimalistic and clear interface;
  • the program supports different ECU models.
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