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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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LOIC is a program that provides activation of a DDoS attack on a website or server. This tool is originally created to test the defenses that are on it. The program is designed to launch DDOS attacks and works as a special tool, so use it only for experimentation. The program has access to the source code. If necessary, download additional materials from the SourceForge service. The program is marked as malware in the source. When downloading Low Orbit Ion Cannon, remember that you use it at your own risk.

Working principle

The program infiltrates the server and performs a layered attack, opening multiple connections to the server. LOIC then disrupts the server and achieves an error code that means "victory". Server disruption occurs in sequential mode. In the program window you view detailed statistics about available errors on the server and its operability. "Breaking the server" DDoS - attacks, you see data about active connections. These parameters change constantly during the attack. In addition, you see messages about the code that returns from the server and tries to connect to it in standard mode. The utility runs in standard mode using normal hacking tools and techniques. LOIC "injects" spam into HTTP requests and succeeds in breaking the device. LOIC is distributed in the standard version, as well as in the attacking version via news feeds and communication programs. The second version of the program is suitable for botnet creators.


All the functions that are in the LOIC program are located on one panel. By specifying the server address or the IP address to attack, you will see a list of available connections. The graphical interface is simple and intuitive, but the shell lacks Russian localization. Often, such tools are not translated into Russian.

Key features

  • the tool "hacks" the server by making an attack and achieves the failure of the equipment on it;
  • the program has a simple interface, which is created in one-window mode;
  • LOIC sends spam in the form of HTTP requests and other packets;
  • the interface has an open-access source code, which is created in the C# programming language;
  • the "cracker" works on old generation OS Windows builds;
  • the program runs on a free license.
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