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ELSA VW is a program (electronic library) with reference materials for car repair and diagnostics. It is suitable for modern Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. ELSA VW consists of detailed instructions, manuals, schematics, detailed references of all parts. In this program, you scan the electronic units of the car. The utility is distributed as a database and translated into Russian. In ELSA VW you will find a lot of useful tips, materials and instructions that are suitable for repair and maintenance of cars Volkswagen.


After installing ELSA VW you get access to a full-fledged library of car repair. The program is divided into catalogs and subsections for easy browsing of data and selection of tips. The reference manual includes a catalog of working positions, reference materials on service techniques, tables, wiring diagrams and other repair materials with accompanying documents. The program is equipped with its own search. You will find information using sections and subsections. Through the ELSA VW search, it finds data by title and by content. After installing the program, a MicrosoftDatabase server is also installed on your device. This module works intermittently and conflicts with newer Windows OS builds.

Important information

The ELSA VW database contains instructions in text, tabular data, schematics and diagrams, which are equipped with pictures and visual effects. The program contains a list of serial numbers for tools. These numbers are used when disassembling the car body in the form of instructions. The interface of the program is not very user-friendly, so you will have to spend time learning the basic functions. ELSA VW takes a lot of space on your hard disk because of the built-in library and additional reference books. The program installer with all data takes 14 GB. The installed version of the library is about 20 GB.

Key features

  • the program is created with the most complete set of data and provides repair of VAG cars;
  • large amount of unpacked data;
  • the program library has additional materials and tools with visualization;
  • the working shell is created with sections that support the Russian language;
  • the program is equipped with a tree structure and contains subsections in the interface;
  • ELSA VW runs on old generation Windows OS.
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