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OziExplorer is a special program that is required by active users of various GPS navigators. You will be able to look at maps from navigators in a more pleasant environment, using a computer, or laptop. It also has the ability to make edits to the maps. But it is possible to change them only partially.


This program is designed to pull maps from various GPS navigators. The application is compatible with most known models of navigators. But still, before installing OziExplorer, you should look at the compatibility of your device with this utility. You will have to look for all the compatibility data yourself, as it is very extensive. After pulling data from the navigator, you will be able to edit the resulting maps. Of course, you will not be able to change the whole map, add buildings and new roads to it. The editing function is designed solely for modifying routes. The user can easily add and delete routes, which allows you to work with the navigator more comfortably. If you don't want to mess around with an uncomfortable device, just transfer the map to your computer, edit it, and download it back.


This application has many positive and negative sides. It is better to list them in a list.


  • Works with most modern navigators that are popular in the market of such devices;
  • You can leave your own comments on the maps. This is necessary to simplify working with them;
  • Can work with scanned as well as raster maps;
  • Supports all popular formats;
  • Clears routes that have already been completed;
  • You can create routes and upload them to the navigator;
  • The interface of the program is clear at an intuitive level.


  • In the Russian localization, you can find a large number of errors;
  • The program incorrectly displays the equator, so you need to work with different maps for each hemisphere.
  • It should be noted that for comfortable use of this program, you need to buy a paid version. The free version lacks almost all of the above functionality.

Key features

  • You can load maps from navigators;
  • It is possible to edit routes;
  • There are both free and paid versions;
  • Many well-known GPS devices are supported;
  • There is a Russian localization of low quality;
  • Paid license is quite expensive;
  • Works on all versions of windows that are up to date.
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