XML Viewer

XML Viewer
Category: Viewers
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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The program is an old version, but quite handy to use. It allows you to view various files in XML format. It is now available for free. Since you decided to find out what software can open eXtensible Markup Language files, you probably already know what these files are and what they are for, so we will not focus on the description of this format.


In XML Viewer you can view files and edit them at the same time. This makes the work much easier, because often most programs only allow you to open a file, and for editing the user has to download additional software. Initially, you need to use the explorer or simply select the appropriate files for work and place them in the workspace. The interface of the program consists of two parts. In one you can see the file code, in the other - its structure (tree list). Clicking on the plus sign will open the cells that include the corresponding information. This method of storing information greatly simplifies the work with the code. The user will not have to scroll through the whole document for a long time, looking for a particular piece of code. In this program it is possible not only to view and edit documents, but also to create new ones. The user can use a standard set of tools to edit this file, which allows you to delete and insert new information, transfer data to other documents, copy and delete code, as well as completely XML-document. A small disadvantage - the interface is displayed only in English, and there is no unofficial Russifier, so it is impossible to localize the software. But the program is quite simple, so even without language knowledge it is easy to work with it.

Main Features

  • Suitable for all versions of Windows;
  • the program is in free access;
  • document creation function;
  • works by "dragging and dropping" files;
  • has the function of viewing and modifying XML-documents;
  • the software is not russified.

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