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Category: Browsers
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Armofly is a special browser for safe internet surfing. The solution is not just an ordinary browser like most browsers, it is also a downloader. Armorfly is an opportunity to conveniently download media files directly to the device memory and then view them offline. Downloading the application, as well as its use is absolutely free.

User privacy

Armorfly is an application designed to maximize user privacy and security on several levels at once. Its comprehensive protection provides timely blocking of so-called pop-up windows, and is also capable of timely warning about potentially dangerous content on the site. In addition, the application automatically erases the history of visits after the user has left the browser. In addition, the browser immediately scans any file that is downloaded to the phone, as well as timely blocked in situations where it contains dangerous content.

Useful features

With this browser you can make your browsing experience really safe and also save traffic. Armorfly is a very fast access to those sites that are visited most often, you can access them right from the start page. In addition, here you can switch the search engine and built-in translator, in case you need to visit a resource in a foreign language and need a timely translation.

Uploading files

The Armorfly application has several big pluses, which are a very pleasant addition to the standard functionality of other browsers. So, you can download any file from any resource to a specific local folder. You can use personal storage isolated from the phone, which additionally protects against unwanted content. Also, the storage of all such files is provided with maximum security.

Key features

  • Download content from Internet resources;
  • Convenient tools for timely checking the content of sites and downloaded files;
  • All necessary tools for safe storage of files in local folders;
  • Protection from viruses and malicious sites;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Quick access to your favorite content;
  • Ad blocking to save traffic;
  • Active on any current versions of Android OS.
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