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Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass
Category: VPN
System: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 3 932


Hide My Ass is a special program whose main task is to provide the user with the ability to visit the Internet anonymously. This utility will work perfectly for those users who use the Windows platform. To download the program, you will have to visit the developers' website. By the way, the program has only a paid license, and the download is somewhat more complicated than any other free VPN solutions that are used by browsers. At the very beginning, it is worth considering for how long to purchase a license. There are standard choices, between 1, 6 months as well as a year. Once you have decided on this it is enough to place an order and create an account. After that, you can start using this desktop version of the client. It is also worth noting at once that the annual license is very profitable to take, because it is not too expensive than a license for six months. In fact, there is no catch in this, a typical mutually beneficial trick. Of course, if there are doubts that the product will be to your liking, then it is better to try the monthly license of Hide My Ass. This application uses about 860 servers that provide connectivity in 190 countries. HideMy Ass, thanks to such a number of servers is one of the best VPN networks, providing good connection speed and quality bypass of any blockages occurring on the Internet. In principle, the developers are not shy to say that their server connection provides the fastest speed among similar VPNs in the world

Key Features

  • Runs on Windows platform, but portable versions are available;
  • Exclusively paid license;
  • Running the software on a single license is available on multiple devices;
  • Multiple servers and countries to connect to;
  • Stores data about users' network activity.

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