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Driver Booster

Driver Booster
Category: Drivers
System: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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Driver Booster is a special program, the main task of which is to constantly monitor the appearance of new versions of drivers for those programs that are installed on your computer. There are two versions: Free and Pro, of course, the free version has quite serious limitations, it is easier to immediately buy an extended version, paying a very small amount of money, but it will be immediately a year's license. Neglect this decision should not be neglected, because the drivers - a very important part of the entire operating system. After all, their presence and correct operation is a very important component of the performance level of the device. Often users encounter various problems, dozens of problems and do not understand what is going on. They have to call a wizard, who does just that - updates the drivers! The problems seem to be small, but very unpleasant: the device does not see removable drives, some programs refuse to work. Sometimes the drivers themselves start conflicting with each other, so the performance decreases. By the way, a sign of this can be hangs and the inability to close dialog boxes. If this happens and there is no such program, do not rush to tear down Windows, perhaps the solution is much simpler. Previously, each user had to keep track of the latest driver versions, but now Driver Booster can do it, and the experience of its use by many users says that it does it very successfully. It is ideal for those computers that are running

Key Features

  • Compatible with all versions of Windows;
  • Very low price for an annual license;
  • Russified interface;
  • Automate driver updates;
  • Quick scan for necessary updates;
  • Backup restore and copy drivers.
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