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System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11
Program Status: Free
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Mozilla Firefox is a computer program that is the most famous web browser. Currently, Firefox is one of the most popular browsers for PCs, sharing first and second place with Chrome and Opera. Each of these browsers is tailored to the specific needs of users. For example, Chrome is characterized by high performance, but has little functionality. The same Opera has a built-in ad blocker and VPN service, but suffers a little from RAM leakage. Firefox is known for its flexible settings and huge base of various add-ons and extensions. And each of the browsers has its own fan base. If you need great functionality and you are not a fan of minimalism, then you should pay attention to Firefox. In this respect, it beats all of its competitors. Thanks to its cross-platform nature, this browser can be installed on any system, including ReactOS. The program is distributed in two versions: an installation file and a portable version. There is also a version for Android devices. The developers have endowed their application with rich functionality, a pleasant interface, flexible settings and a huge number of all kinds of add-ons and extensions. In addition, the browser supports a variety of "skins". The standard theme can be changed at any time. It is enough to go to a special menu and choose a custom "skin". All themes for the browser are available for free. You can add as many themes as you like to your collection, and then you can change them every day.

Key Features

  • Free distribution. Constant software updates;
  • Flexible settings system that allows you to customize the browser to suit your needs;
  • Large selection of extensions, add-ons and design themes.
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